And now for something completely different

We left Bali and are slowly making our way home. Our first stop is an overnight stay in the modern, busy city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Unfortunately the distance of the airport to the city bites into the time you can spend on the ground (it’s about one hour each way) but it was a great first look at a place I’d love to spend more time in some day. We went up the Menara KL for views after dark, took the requisite photos of the Petronas Twin Towers which were right across the street from our hotel – an amazing brand new W – and took in an enormous local breakfast of half boiled eggs, roti, toast, and great coffee. It surprised me that this place was advanced enough to have the only paperless passport control formalities outside of Europe’s Schengen Area that I’ve experienced, yet there were a lot of things I couldn’t use a credit card for, like LRT tickets. Would love to come back and experience more here.

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